WATCH | How to power flex offices with tech

Justin Harley, regional director at Yardi, joins Karl Tomusk to discuss the flexible office market – and what tech can do for both landlords and users. With the market in a period of discovery, Harley considers what the future might hold.

Questions asked in this interview:

  • How has the adoption of co-working progressed recently?
  • What does Yardi Kube offer to the flexible office market?
  • How does tech help traditional landlords enter this sector?
  • How do everyday users of flexible offices benefit from tech?
  • With the flex industry in flux, what predictions can we make about how the next few years will pan out?

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Yardi is a proptech firm with four decades of experience in the provision of award-winning investment, asset and property management software to the residential and commercial sectors.

Today, Yardi employs over 7,000 dedicated professionals working in 40 offices throughout Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia, and Australia and has grown to become a leading provider of high-performance, connected software solutions for residential and commercial real estate.

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