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How Retransform uses proptech to ease property management pain

Today’s property management industry faces unprecedented questions about how to reduce carbon while creating places that meet radically changing occupier needs. Retransform, a property management expert with more than two decades experience, uses technology to find the answers.

Founded by Rohan Bulchandani 24 years ago, Retransform has pivoted increasingly from delivering managed services and consulting solutions to developing innovative proptech services for its global clients. These include data analytics-based valuation work, building performance monitoring for ESG goals and cutting out mundane tasks in property admin through use of robotic process automation (RPA).

“Retransform supports the majority of the real estate industry, including office, industrial, retail, hospitality and residential sectors and stakeholders such as owners, investors, managers and corporate occupiers,” explains Rohan. “Through our proptech platforms we improve productivity, lower costs and create more time for humans to do what they do best.

“Retransform is also an integration partner to many other software solution providers such as Yardi, MRI, Tango, Oracle, Microsoft, Trimble, Salesforce and more. Today we serve clients across North America, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and Asia Pacific, assisting in managing more than half a billion sq ft of global real estate.”

Retransform’s latest platform, ‘Secure’, helps the real estate industry to further ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives through digital twin technology and analysing data from IoT (Internet of Things) sensors placed in buildings. It monitors aspects such as people occupancy, air quality, energy usage, waste management, temperature, parking, and lifts/elevators. This crucial information supports decision-makers on how they can reduce carbon emissions, improve customer experiences and reduce manpower for management / maintenance, while initiating pathway to net zero.

Secure provides real-time remote visibility to elevate operational efficiency and help maintenance teams keep on top of building and occupier needs. This ‘Smart Space’ building tool makes the journey to net zero easier to manage, by offering a holistic view of the energy performance of individual properties and across portfolios. Tenants can also view air quality, temperature, receive alerts and provide feedback pertaining to their spaces via smart devices, through the ‘know before you go’ interface.

This digital twin platform includes a 3D digital image of a building which provides up-to-date visibility into operations and maintenance. A property manager can virtually walk through their building while checking that the information provided by the physical sensors meets the desired requirements.

“With Secure, a building managers’ view of their properties is significantly widened, without even physically having to be present. Imagine being able to be present at all locations, all the time, monitoring nearly everything simultaneously through the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).  This is the kind of skill and scale that Secure brings.  By using digital twin technology, managers can keep tenants safe and look after multiple properties and their assets when they are off-site, using a mobile phone or laptop – and we continue to add additional devices and functionality,” said Rohan.

Cost savings are a key benefit of managing buildings with fewer people and reducing energy consumption and maintenance expenses – whilst simultaneously improving space utilization and overall tenant experience. NOI is greatly enhanced in today’s increasingly competitive market where occupants are questioning the need to return to work and tenants re-evaluate their space needs, as smart spaces can improve tenant/employee retention by creating more enticing spaces for them to work in.

Retransform has platforms that cover other vital areas of property management. 4see analytics aggregates your real estate data to provide and predict accurate and actionable insights over online dashboards, working as a stand-alone platform or alongside Secure. It incorporates Machine Learning and AI technology and even connects with voice analytics software such as Alexa, so you can ask it a question and listen to the answer!

There’s ‘Rebot’, which uses robotic process automation – creating bespoke bots to replace tedious and laborious admin tasks like monthly invoicing and lease abstraction. Another platform is ‘Valere’, a financial modelling tool for real estate that helps users value assets for acquisitions or disposals, prepare detailed cashflow analysis and understand overall financial performance.

Retransform will be at MIPIM in Cannes in March, where this year’s show theme is ‘driving urban change’. Partnering with an experienced tech-led firm such as Retransform will ensure you fulfil the potential of the urban change projects you are working on.

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