CREtech VIDEO | How GPE approaches innovation and technology in real estate

Dan Drogman, CEO of Smart Spaces, and Ella Walter, innovation manager at GPE, discuss how GPE is approaching innovation and embracing technology in commercial real estate.

Walter explains how “a very clear message from the top” has driven GPE to take a systematic approach to innovation. The developer has worked with Smart Spaces for seven years, developing tools to make spaces efficient and user friendly.

That collaboration resulted in the world’s first building to receive a ‘Platinum’ Smart Score rating from WiredScore: the Hickman in London’s Whitechapel.

Smart Spaces integrated with the building “from day one”, Drogman says, tapping into the building’s lighting controls, HVAC and other systems, which has allowed it to learn more about occupiers.

As a result, GPE and Smart Spaces are able to continually improve tools and roll out new features. A building app – sesame – helps build engagement and provide useful features to occupiers.

With Smart Spaces’ white label approach to its products, GPE has had full control over the look, feel and features of sesame, tailoring all parts of the app to suit the building’s specific needs.

These needs increasingly include desk booking – and a better understanding of occupier behaviour – and greater automation, such as automatic lift calling.

Watch the video above for more on how GPE and Smart Spaces approach technology in real estate. You can also watch the video on PlaceTech’s YouTube channel.


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