Matterport White House Tour

9 incredible buildings you can explore at home

Forget booking a flight, packing suitcases and suffering jet lag to visit sites on the other side of the world. All you need to explore buildings is a phone, laptop or – if you’re feeling especially extravagant – a VR headset.

Geomap VR For Real Estate

VIDEO | Geomap showcases VR for real estate

Launched at MIPIM this year, Geomap’s virtual reality product for facilities management aims to cut costs and streamline building operations through an immersive experience.

NavigatorCRE Platform V1

5 ways to make the most of your data

Most companies collect data, but do they make effective use of it? Five experts in real estate data and analytics share their tips for giving meaning to the numbers.

Edozo Marcus Ginn

Edozo Q&A: Why real estate needs data-heavy maps


Karl Tomusk

Maps can be deceptively simple. Visualising building boundaries is a basic part of real estate, but it also has potential for incorporating huge amounts of time-saving data, as Marcus Ginn, founder and CEO of Edozo, tells PlaceTech.