Cloud backup

Jargon buster | The edge vs the cloud

Any tech platform you come across will eventually talk about data either in the cloud or the edge. Chris Carson, CEO of smart traffic enforcement startup Hayden AI, breaks down the uses, benefits and risks of both.

Matterport White House Tour

9 incredible buildings you can explore at home

Forget booking a flight, packing suitcases and suffering jet lag to visit sites on the other side of the world. All you need to explore buildings is a phone, laptop or – if you’re feeling especially extravagant – a VR headset.

JLL NXT studio

A guide to JLL’s tech tools


Karl Tomusk

Following the launch of Valorem, JLL's valuations tool built to help clients better understand asset risks and opportunities, PlaceTech looks at the firm's growing suite of products.

Propel MIPIM Paul Unger

MIPIM | ‘Low tech is the future’

The drive to innovate cannot neglect the fact that adopting new tech systems will have a negative impact on carbon emissions, Sophie Rosso, deputy head of French developer Redman has warned.

Rohan Bulchandani And Daniel Schreiner GROUPED

LISTEN | How digital twins solve ESG challenges

Rohan Bulchandani, founder of global real estate tech provider Retransform, and Daniel Schreiner, head of technical property management and ESG at Heimstaden, discuss digital twin technology and what it can do for real estate's net zero ambitions.

ParkOffice App

5 digital tools for faster, smarter parking

As long as cars exist, cities will need tools to manage parking infrastructure efficiently to ensure the best possible use of urban space. Here are five apps that bring parking into the 21st century.