Working together: Avison Young + Blue Bolt


Nicola Byrne

Access startup Blue Bolt and global property firm Avison Young share how the two companies are collaborating, and the challenges involved when bringing property and technology together.

London Underground

Transport for London to track Tube users via wifi


Nicola Byrne

The depersonalised data collection, harnessed from more than 260 stations, will be used to help TfL improve the information it provides to its customers, reduce overcrowding, prioritise investment and lead to improvements in how the tube operates.

Blackpoint And Colliers

Colliers launches cybersecurity offering


Nicholas Fearn

As part of its 'Neighborhood Curated by Colliers' platform, the real estate giant has teamed up with Blackpoint Cyber to rollout real-time cyber security solutions to its clients, partners and tenants.

How the end of paper ID can boost sales flow

Yoti is one of wave of e-signature providers that is accelerating contract completions for estate agents and others through remote signing and even using biometrics such as facial recognition through your mobile.

Doordeck 1

Why we should stop using Bluetooth to access buildings

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If Apple or Android won’t allow you to buy a simple coffee with Bluetooth technology, why are technology companies rolling out Bluetooth products for vitally important use cases such as access control to your hotel room, your office or even your own home?