5G Compilation

UK to pilot 5G services on Seoul subway

British and South Korean companies are to pilot 5G on subways in South Korea thanks to a £2.4m project funded by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media + Sport.

Top 10 Most Dynamic Cities MAP

JLL’s hot markets to watch

With 19 of the world's 20 most dynamic cities located in the Asia Pacific region according to JLL, what pulls in investment in these emerging markets?

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Editor’s note: Freemium – race to the bottom?


Paul Unger

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The freemium model – pay nothing then upgrade to a more powerful paid service - is commonplace in online business services these days and property is no exception. Is that a good or bad thing?

MIPIM 2019 Engaging The Future

Why property is starting to buy tech


Paul Unger

The talk of MIPIM was that property is at last waking up and smelling the tech. Gone are the rounds of insults about dinosaurs who haven’t a clue and geeks that don’t know how the real world works. Instead, proper conversations about actual implementation were being had around the private villas, beach bars and pavilions. Here’s why.