Jack Sibley Nuveen

MIPIM: Jack Sibley on hype, trials and ROI

A year ago Jack Sibley made headlines when he moved from being an R&D intern to heading innovation and technology strategy at Nuveen Real Estate, aged 23. Paul Unger caught up with him in the Cannes sunshine.

New PCP Diploma In Construction UK

Diploma takes construction tech into colleges

Tech features heavily in a new vocational construction course aimed at introducing young people to careers beyond the building site and learning skills in BIM, drones, laser scanning, AI and VR.

Flying car startup begins public test flights


Nicola Byrne

In the race to take to skies, competitor to Uber’s Elevate, aeronautics startup Kitty Hawk has opened test flights with the public for it’s new, sleek flying vehicle the ‘Flyer’.