Royal Mail drone test flight

Royal Mail delivers drone trials


Karl Tomusk

Royal Mail has announced the first out-of-sight autonomous drone flights between the UK mainland and an island, testing deliveries to the Isles of Scilly.

Drones Connected Places Catapult

Enabling unmanned aircraft traffic management

A new report from Connected Places Catapult explores the steps the UK has taken to be at the forefront of commercial drone development and identifies those yet to be taken to remain in the global race towards unmanned traffic management.

Jack Brown, Hollis

Next gen | Hollis

Jack Brown is real estate consultancy Hollis' first unmanned aerial vehicle operator.

Tom Willcock Hollis

Hollis hones in on data + drones


Nicola Byrne

The real estate consultancy, based in the UK, Ireland and Europe, has turned its eyes towards the future of the built environment, upping its surveying offer with a drone service, and taking the view property is now a data game.

Wardell Armstrong Rock With Lithium From Scotland

Unearthing the UK’s lithium potential


Nicola Byrne

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A consortium is carrying out a feasibility study in Cornwall that could open up a UK source of the valuable material used in batteries and electric vehicles.

Transport Planners Main

The changing role of…transport planners


Nicola Byrne

With the rise of new mobility services, driverless vehicles and big data, transport planners are having to learn new skills in order to provide flexibility for the future.

Drones RICS

RICS: Drones, game or game changer?


Nicola Byrne

Drones are not exactly new. They’ve gone from being used by the military, to being wrapped up as Christmas stocking fillers for children. However, their commercial potential has only been recently recognised.