Bosch EV charging cable

Inside Bosch’s EV, driverless vision


Karl Tomusk

The engineering firm expects its electromobility sales to grow five-fold by 2025 and become one of its core sectors, the company announced at the IAA Mobility conference in Munich.

Geospatial Commission Transport Report

How to unlock transport’s geospatial revolution


Karl Tomusk

Location data has “huge potential” to power a greener, faster, better transport sector in the UK – but much of the data we need is still missing. A new Geospatial Commission report has identified six transport opportunity areas and the data that could unlock significant advances.

Robbie Turner Mills & Reeve

COMMENT | What will a driverless futuRE look like?

The first driverless vehicles are due to hit our streets later in this decade, writes Robbie Turner. As well as having an effect on how we live, work and travel, the rollout could have a profound effect on how our towns, cities and built environment are developed.

Thomas Newby, Tonik Energy

Why developers must futureproof EV infrastructure


Thomas Newby

As electric and autonomous vehicles become the new normal, we can expect to see increasing pressure on developers and the construction industry to ensure the infrastructure is in place to support clean, green motoring, Thomas Newby of Tonik Energy writes.