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Workplace is a powerful recruitment tool, Equiem research shows

A new study published by global tenant engagement app Equiem highlights the increasing pressure on companies to satisfy the changing workplace demands of their employees.

Equiem’s survey, titled “UK/Ireland Office Occupier Survey 2019”, was released at global property festival MIPIM. Having surveyed more than 1,100 respondents across its 8m sq ft UK and Irish portfolio between 5 February and 4 March 2019, Equiem explored occupier expectations and the impact workspace can have on teams.

Among the key findings:

  • 85% of respondents said their physical workplace was very or extremely important to their overall happiness and wellbeing
  • 95% said the enjoyment of their physical workplace was important to them when it comes to choosing an employer
  • 94% believe the average UK/Irish office should place a greater emphasis on their enjoyment and comfort

Bronny Wilson, general manager for the UK and Ireland at Equiem, said: “As occupiers fight to attract and retain the very best talent out there, workplaces and working environments have become crucial tools in the recruitment process.

“Effectively then, it’s those landlords that are able to appeal to the individual worker, who will ultimately satisfy occupiers and get ahead in the leasing game.

“That’s where data like our latest occupier report becomes absolutely vital to better understand occupier preferences and respond accordingly.”

Changing attitudes

Although there isn’t a silver bullet solution for employers and landlords to respond to these demands, the report considers the more common needs of tenants.

The study found 91% of respondents would like to see their offices provide better on-site amenities and community events, and 89% expect a clear commitment to convenience from the places they work. Examples include ordering lunch and coffee to desks and having dry cleaning picked up from the office.

Community in the workplace is another important factor for respondents; 67% wanting the opportunity to meet other people (not from their company) in the same office building.

When asked about the opportunity to exercise at or near work, only 30% and 26% of participants said this extremely important and very important to them. However,  86% of respondents would like the opportunity to take part in hobbies and activities at or near their workplace.

Wilson added: “In many ways, the results make for sobering reading. With such stark numbers, it’s clear that owners who work hard to meet these criteria and ultimately satisfy the end user will be the ones that win the leasing battle in the long-term.”

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