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Most people expect hybrid working to be a permanent change, but isolation remains a concern. Credit: Equiem


Top tenant demands in a hybrid world

Workers globally want only a few things from their workplace, but they’re dealbreakers, according to research from Equiem.

Surveying close to 3,000 office occupiers from around the world, Equiem found that the key factors that drive workers to the office are events, community, connection, food and amenities.

Meanwhile, 40% of workers would not return to the office full time even if it were the best office in the world. “The stark reality is this: if your building solely exists to provide desks to work at, it will stay empty,” Equiem said.

The company’s 2022 Global Tenant Report explores the drivers of hybrid work and what it will mean for the future of offices, given that 79% of workers believe that greater flexibility is a permanent change.

Although the vast majority of people expect hybrid work to be the future, the report also identified problems that companies will need to address.

Half of respondents said that isolation is the biggest challenge they face in a hybrid world. A third struggled with collaboration.

But the solution does not appear to be forcing people back into the office five days a week.

More than a quarter of people who left jobs in the last 12 months did so because of inflexibility at work, while 64% of workers who stayed in the same job identified flexibility as the primary motivator for their decision.

Other insights from the report include:

  • More than a third of companies (35%) have downscaled their office space, while the same proportion has increased flex space options
  • Covid is no longer a major concern, with just 11% worried about cases in buildings – down from 67% a year ago
  • Companies need to do more to communicate and engage with workers about sustainability initiatives

Gabrielle McMillan, CEO and co-founder of Equiem, said: “Workers love hybrid, but they are feeling the sting of isolation. And they see their workplace as a place that can fulfil their need for social interaction and improvements to their lifestyle.

“We’ve assembled this report to help landlords and companies better understand what workers want from their workplaces. We hope these insights are useful in guiding strategy and help you create environments that workers see as a destination, not an obligation.”

Download the full report here.

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