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RE-ENTRY: Locale’s communication guide for returning to offices

It’s critical to keep your stakeholders informed of your return to work strategy, writes Daniel O’Gorman. Engaging with them throughout the journey, proactively addressing any concerns they have, and demonstrating an ongoing commitment to a safe and healthy workplace.

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Preparing employees and occupiers for the new normal

  • Define a list of key stakeholders with whom you need to communicate and coordinate. These could include: occupiers, FMs, employees, building managers, suppliers, contractors, and landlords
  • Transition customers from offline to online channels, enabling remote, real time updates
  • Provide ongoing visibility and transparency into the strategy and actions being taken

Technology strategy

Provide access to a centralised, online communications platform. Cloud-based, accessible remotely via desktop, tablet, and mobile apps

Communicate your strategy online. Provide details of your return to work strategy online; communicate Covid-19 symptoms and how to report cases

Provide regular updates. Keep people informed with regular updates on the actions being taken to stop the spread of the virus

Promote your platform offline. Maximise exposure; posters and digital displays can link occupiers to online content via QR codes

Distributed contact management. Enable your Occupier FMs to create online accounts for their own staff; ensure all contact details are kept up to date remotely. Monitor the data to ensure your message is being seen

Make your content accessible. Enable occupiers to access your content in the most accessible and convenient means. Push notifications via Apple or Android apps are instant and engaging.

Promote employee safety using engaging content. Use videos, wayfinding, and other digital content to engage with occupiers and introduce the safety measures being taken

Build a digital community. Enable occupiers to interact with each other online and build a community. Let them celebrate quarantine fitness wins or discuss which Netflix series has them hooked.

Boost morale with exclusive offers and services. Help employees regain a sense of normality by providing discounts with local and online suppliers; provide access to mental health resources and apps

Daniel O’Gorman is chief product officer of Locale

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