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PODCAST | Member experience and smartphone engagement in the built environment

James Shannon, chief product officer at essensys, the leading provider of technology to the flexible workspace industry, talks to Caleb Parker, co-founder of Bold, about the developments in smart access control and user experience in flexspace. Shannon is an entrepreneur and technology leader and has a deep passion for creating innovative and inspiring products. His experience includes the development of large-scale cloud services, award-winning mobile apps, integrated smart devices and cutting-edge consumer hardware for leading global brands.

At essensys, Shannon is responsible for the vision and implementation of software features and functionality that empower space providers with greater control and visibility over their operation. James oversees that essensys technology and software ensure the reliability and effective delivery of services as well as exceptional member experiences for flexible workspaces users.

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Questions asked in this episode

  • What does enhanced customer experience mean to essensys?
  • Can tenant apps help remove friction in the office?
  • Why hasn’t smartphone access control caught on in commercial real estate?
  • Should users be worried about data privacy in smart access?
  • What makes a building feel smart to the end user?
  • How can landlords prepare for transition to enlarged flexspace market?
  • What’s coming next for tenant experience?



  • Data allows operators to deliver a smarter workspace
  • Smartphone apps will become key to unlock services in physical space
  • Smartphone apps will become key to unlock services in physical space
  • B2C tends to be one app per product, this doesn’t translate well to B2B
  • App fatigue is starting to be felt in market
  • There should be no confusion about who owns data
  • Future experience will reflect where you’re working not whether you’re at work
  • After corona, workspace operators will look for data insight to see how activity is returning

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Born from unique, first-hand flexible workspace experience, essensys empowers ambitious space providers to grow and thrive. Our secure, all-in-one platform combines enterprise-grade technology that is efficient and simple to manage. At the touch of a button, you have complete control of your workspace operations and infrastructure, allowing you to deliver friction-free member and employee experiences, whilst gaining valuable insights.

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