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PODCAST | James Shannon, essensys

James Shannon, chief product and technology officer at essensys, joins Paul Unger, editor of PlaceTech, to discuss the launch of Flex Services Platform by essensys.

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What we learned

  • During this period of uncertainty, as the workforce contemplates its return to the office, landlords must adapt to stay competitive and remain relevant to post-pandemic tenants. For tenants, flexible office space is seen as a critical component to the future of their real estate strategy.
  • Landlords and flexible workspace operators need to attract and retain tenants and stay relevant in the market, while addressing ever-evolving requirements for flexibility, innovation and exceptional in-building experiences.
  • Delivering flexible real estate platforms is seen as complex and riddled with challenges and risks: struggling with uncontrolled costs, disparate and disconnected systems, not attracting or retaining tenants, losing relevance in the market, meeting evolving requirements.
  • Technology is essential in tackling these challenges and enabling landlords to transform in-building experiences and scale up their portfolios.
  • Flex Services Platform supports the four key components required to create amazing in-building experiences:
    • secure digital infrastructure
    • effective space setup
    • flexible operations management
    • mobile-first occupier interactions
  • Focussing on these components helps landlords:
    • Meet occupier needs today and tomorrow
    • Manage complexity (complexity due to shorter contracts, shared resources etc.)
    • Control costs
    • Negate the need for multiple disparate systems
    • Meet growing demand for flexible real estate

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