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Barrie Heptonstall, Angel Investor

LISTEN | Inside the mind of an angel investor, with Barrie Heptonstall

How an IBM lifer invested his annual bonus to become a serial early-stage backer of tech startups – from early shares in the CALM mental health app to a portfolio of property innovation punts.

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Have you ever wondered what is in the mind of an angel investor? For this episode, Paul Unger was joined by Barrie Heptonstall, a serial angel investor, to try and find out the answer.

Heptonstall has become something of a property tech specialist, with stakes in Aprao, FaultFixers and Your Welcome among many others, and is now working more formally with European real estate innovation VC Pi Labs.

Find out in this episode

  • How his favourite podcasts started Barrie on the road to start investing
  • A wedding venue that took his interest in property to another level
  • How personal the selection process is with new tech founders
  • Spotting the moments that mark out a promising venture
  • Is it important to know about the tech?
  • Where we are in the market for property tech
  • The growing interest in climate tech
  • Different types of investors and the ways they add value

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