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How comfortable are you with failure?

In the first of a new series of quick interactive exercises for readers, produced in association with Tech Nation, the UK agency for championing digital adoption, we invite you to gauge your fear of failure – a key test for adopting the entrepreneurial mindset necessary for change in business.

Tech startups learn from failure and move fast, preparing for trial and error, working iteratively.

For an entrepreneur, failure is necessary and a good thing. It’s more than just an appetite for risk and accepting that failure will happen. For a tech entrepreneur failure and learning and data all go hand in hand. You are constantly testing, failing, iterating. You have to fail in order to succeed- failure is good!

On a scale of 0 – 10 what would you say is your personal comfort level with failure?

0 means ‘I am not at all comfortable with failure’

10 equates to ‘I welcome failure, it helps me develop’

Test your personal comfort level with failure:

  • Think of positive examples of where you have failed in business and what you learned, what was the result?
  • How prepared are you and your business to launch a new product line or service?
  • Would you say there was the freedom to fail in your business?
  • Is your score based on a particular experience?
  • What is the likelihood of your score changing in future?

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