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Xero-integrated property management software

Connecting all parties with an interest in managing properties means efficiency can be greatly increased, according to Rochelle Trup, director of Arthur Online.

NAME OF PRODUCT | Arthur Online

PRICE | Starting from £15+VAT per month for standard subscription, rising to £40+VAT/month for professional subscription and £75+VAT/month for enterpris

TARGET AUDIENCE | Property managers, self-managing landlords, letting agents, developers, student accommodation providers, housing associations, contractors

CHALLENGE / OBJECTIVE | As a property manager you spend your day responding to maintenance issues, chasing rent payments, dealing with paperwork and preparing financial reports. Too little time is left to think big and grow your business. Arthur claims to have the extraordinary ability to take the enormously complex and make it incredibly simple. Arthur’s technology can improve your efficiency and decrease stress, enabling you to be quicker, sharper and more professional, reducing the number of people required to manage; increasing your revenue and profitability.

SOLUTION | Arthur claims to be the first platform to connect all parties with an interest in a property together in one space. For the property manager, Arthur allows you to manage your portfolio from anywhere you have internet access; you can deal with anything from renewing a gas certificate to serving a notice; messaging a tenant to hiring a contractor. Furthermore, property managers can reconcile rents and send automated late rent notices through the platform. The rich functionality of the software means you save real time on a daily basis.

For contractors, Arthur is an enabler for their business. They can easily accept and decline jobs through the app, whilst seeing all the details needed and they can be publicly listed to increase their clientele.

For landlords, Arthur gives them the opportunity to have an overview of their properties and to approve quotes. This maintains transparency and prevents misunderstandings.

For letting agents, Arthur means they can easily set up viewings and inform the property manager of all relevant information regarding prospective tenants. They can also easily send details to referencing services from the app.

OUTCOMES | Arthur Online saves property managers a huge amount of time. Tenants use the Arthur app to contact managers, report maintenance issues and monitor progress, eliminating endless calls and emails. Managers can invite their contractors to use the system too which ties everything together and keeps all issues in one place. Communications and trust between tenants and property managers will improve as a result.

Property managers and landlords are no longer reliant on lots of emails and phone calls to get things done, freeing up more of their time to grow and improve their business.

Linked with the accounting integration, Arthur Online will save you and your business a significant amount of time and money. The Arthur-Xero integration is a ‘best of breed’ approach to ensure powerful and comprehensive accounting combined with exceptional property management functions right from your mobile app through to the back office allowing you to produce powerful financial reports and forecasting. The online bank feed function in Xero empowers you to get from the bank statement to the property owner statement, effortlessly, accurately and quickly.

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