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Workframe | Simplifying the process of finding office space

To find, design and kit out a new office space requires complex communication between the business, architects and suppliers to name a few. Robert Moore, CEO of Workframe, explains how his platform streamlines this process for commercial property.

Name of product | Workframe

Price | Varies by the number of locations a customer manages on the platform.

Target | Our core audience consists of corporate tenants – specifically, directors of real estate, heads of facilities, workplace strategists etc.

Challenge | I started the company with Andy Parsons, our CTO (chief technology officer), and Matthew Smith, our CPO (chief product officer). We’re all veterans of the New York City tech scene who grew frustrated with the process of building out and operating the office spaces of our previous companies and vowed to develop a solution.

Commercial real estate is a heavily intermediated industry with a unique set of workflow and communications challenges. To plan and create a new office space, corporate tenants have to coordinate with their internal teams and a slew of third party consultants including architects, general contractors, AV/IT professionals, etc. The director of real estate for a large multinational company may be overseeing a regional project from afar while simultaneously managing several other high stakes initiatives, which makes effective collaboration exceedingly difficult.

When we dug into the problem, we realised that there really wasn’t an existing solution that can adequately handle the complexity of the commercial real estate project lifecycle and – more importantly – that there is a massive market for such a solution.

Workframe Proptech Desktop

Solution | To our knowledge, Workframe is the only workflow optimisation solution purpose-built for the commercial real estate industry. Our intuitive, web-based software application helps large corporate tenants, landlords, brokers and service providers gain unprecedented visibility into their project workflow and presents them with actionable data that can be leveraged to drive efficiency and cost savings.

The application serves as a single system of record for initiatives of any scale – from major capital projects to minor renovations, our customers are able to easily monitor progress, track major deliverables, record approvals and communicate around critical documents across their portfolio of projects. By replacing inefficient channels of communication, we’re able to provide unparalleled levels of transparency and accountability that contribute to driving a more efficient process.

Results | Commercial property projects are capital intensive. Given the enormous budgets for these projects, even minor schedule delays can have significant financial implications.

Our focus is on providing customers with a demonstrable ROI based on the efficiency gains that result from their use of the Workframe platform. Repeat use of the application enables a side-by-side comparison of completed projects and the ability to easily identify and eliminate factors that contribute to inefficiency.

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