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VIDEO | Geomap showcases VR for real estate

Launched at MIPIM this year, Geomap’s virtual reality product for facilities management aims to cut costs and streamline building operations through an immersive experience.

The VR for Real Estate Management tool plugs into the company’s wider integrated workplace management system – a cloud-based platform that provides a range of management features for building maintenance and operations.

A new video demonstrating Geomap‘s VR product shows a user interacting with an electric panel, tools and a fire extinguisher in virtual space.

When the user approaches these components, they are presented with an interactive display showing relevant pictures, documents and data. This allows them to do operations analysis, due diligence and simulate real-world scenarios with colleagues remotely – regardless of where the building is in reality.

Why use VR?

Geomap said that the larger or more complex a building (or portfolio) is, the more valuable its VR tool is.

Asked what specific benefits VR has, the company listed several, including:

  • Lower costs: reduced need to travel to buildings
  • Improved first-time fix rate: users can view the surroundings and components before trying to fix anything, thereby potentially avoiding mistakes and back-and-forth travel
  • Sharing best practice: users can quickly visit different locations and learn from others
  • Shorter response times: users can provide virtual training for workers, prepare emergency teams and streamline ticketing
  • Safety: the ability to identify all safety and compliance risks virtually

Users can decide whether to use Geomap’s VR as a standalone product or as part of the company’s wider IWMS features.

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