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Using proptech to streamline tenant queries

Repetitive questions from tenants can be very time-consuming for already busy property mangers and landlords. Tom Townsend, co-founder of HeyLandlord, explains the benefits of automating responses to tenant queries.

PRODUCT | HeyLandlord

PRICE Up to 15 Properties – Free

15+ Properties £25/month

Enterprise – Custom Pricing

TARGET | Landlords and property managers

CHALLENGE | The idea for HeyLandlord was borne from my father’s management of his property portfolio. I noticed a constant struggle to juggle multiple communication channels used by all the different stakeholders involved in property management. These include collecting and managing tenant enquiries from multiple communication channels in one central platform, managing contractors, and facilitating a conversation between them and the tenants.

After researching the industry, we have discovered this issue reaches far beyond just private landlords, and we have now begun working with corporate landlords in sectors such as social housing, student accommodation and block management.

Repetitive questions from tenants also pose an issue for several reasons: answering them takes time, they distract from the important tasks at hand, and every answer relative to that property will be the same.

In community management, there is a struggle to inform tenants of the goings on in their housing and neighbourhoods. HeyLandlord eliminates the need for notice boards, Facebook and WhatsApp groups and group emails.

We also saw an opening to save property managers money and bring communities closer together, by encouraging neighbours to communicate and help one another on occasions when calling out a contractor to solve a simple issue may not be necessary.

SOLUTION | HeyLandlord is a property management communication platform where tenants can ask questions about their property and submit repair requests using our App. We are also integrating HeyLandlord into communication channels tenants are already using, such as Facebook messenger, SMS, email, Alexa, Siri, Google Home and many more.

HeyLandlord provides property managers with a platform where they can provide instant feedback to reduce response time to assist tenants and easily arrange an appointment with the contractor. HeyLandlord keeps everyone in the loop, and ensures communities are better informed.

We have developed our AI ChatBot to answer the repetitive questions that arise as each new tenant moves in, such as where the gas meter is located or where the bins are. This leaves property managers free to deal with other more pressing tasks, whilst providing tenants with immediate answers to customisable questions, 24/7.

We are not only making property management more seamless and enjoyable, but we also have a big emphasis on valuing and encouraging community engagement. One piece of tech we are deploying soon is saving property managers money by seeing if neighbours can help one another with basic tasks, before deploying expensive contractors. This benefits both business and social cohesion.

Providing tenants with a modern communication tool helps boost tenant satisfaction, leading to lower churn in tenancies.

OUTCOMES | HeyLandlord saves property managers time and money through automation of rudimental recurring questions and tasks, and problem diagnosis from tenants using AI chatbot technology. We estimate 40% of tenant queries can be solved using HeyLandlord, without the property manager needing to do anything.

This reduces admin and cost of management, and help managers focus on what really matters. It also improves staff satisfaction by eliminating the mundane tenant queries, and boosts tenant satisfaction, with immediate answers.

HeyLandlord also improves response time to repair requests and queries / complaints. Our user friendly interface makes response and deployment of contractors quick and easy, decreasing friction and improving customer satisfaction.

We are currently developing our AI chatbot further to perform a great deal more tasks in the coming months.

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