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Using AI chatbots to improve tenant experience

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to productivity for property managers is the stream of often repetitive questions from tenants. Nick Kljaic, CEO of Apartment Ocean, explains how AI could be the solution.

Name of product | Apartment Ocean

Price | $200 per building

Target audience | Property management companies

Challenges | The current way of providing customer service by property managers is expensive, slow and inconsistent because it is completely manual. The main objective of Apartment Ocean is to increase the customer service efficiency and decrease the cost.

More than 80% of customer inquiries are simple frequently asked questions, which should be automated and not handled by human agents. With Apartment Ocean, we believe our product can reduce customer service costs by up to 70%. The average customer handling time can be reduced by four minutes, and agent productivity will be increased by 40%.

Apartment Ocean web app

Apartment Ocean can be used via an app or on a desktop.

Solution | At Apartment Ocean, we believe the solution for property management companies is Artificial Intelligence assistants, to manage communication with customers. Our AI assistant has several skills, like scheduling apartments tours or capturing maintenance requests, and it’s completely customizable. The AI assistant is managed on a single platform, but it can be used on SMS, web, Facebook Messenger, Slack and email.

The two main parts of Apartment Ocean’s AI assistant are the Command Centre and the Smart FAQ knowledge base. These parts allow the AI assistant to understand customer inquiries and provide information that customers need.

Customers can either text or talk with the AI assistant, depending on the channel, and the AI assistant will respond back according to the service the customer requires in a conversational way. Every conversation is recorded, and certain data from the chats can be grabbed and put in a contact form, so property management companies can easily follow up if needed. The Apartment Ocean platform can be integrated with property management and CRM systems to easily manage data.

Results | With Apartment Ocean, property management companies have achieved, on average, a 40% decrease in the customer service related costs, and decreased customer handling time from 6-7 minutes to 2 minutes. Companies using our product have reported an increased customer satisfaction score by 30%.

Using an AI assistant for customer service queries frees up customer representatives to handle more complex tasks, such as showing properties and completing paperwork, so our users find overall company operations efficiency increases. Property management companies can use a blend of human agents and artificial intelligence to achieve optimal results. They have the entire control over the platform and they decide who will communicate with customers and in what way.

Apartment Ocean helps property management firms to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as scheduling apartment tours and recommending properties, to increase the productivity of their property managers and decrease customer service related costs.

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