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The Parallel | Virtual Reality solution to disrupt sales process

The Parallel is a symbiosis of technological expertise in architecture, virtual and augmented reality, high tech and sales. We spoke to Alexander Padhaiski, senior vice president at The Parallel, about how the solution is an effective tool for sales.

Challenge| Before virtual and augmented reality, buyers and investors would only be able to view built or unbuilt properties through CGIs and sales suites physically being created. This comes at a high cost to companies and makes it difficult to envision how the space can be adapted and changed.

Solution | The Parallel see themselves as reality architects and provide clients with both virtual and augmented tools to digitalise the sales process. They create complete virtual reality environments with inner allocation of customer objects and use an algorithm of emotional attachment of the user to the created space. The client’s customers are able to interact with the space and actually walk around various rooms.

The Parallel

A user interacting with a rail in a virtual reality environment

The company uses the Unreal Engine to create the virtual reality environment which is used by established game developers to design and build games, simulations, and visualizations.

The solution package includes stands of virtual reality (stationary and mobile), VR development for any VR device, marketing materials including 360 photos and videos, and mobile apps with augmented reality.

Result | The software helps the client’s customers develop a real understanding of the subject of the transaction through the feeling of reality and interaction with the space. It can also reduce the number of meetings required to sell with an increased possibility of sale with a greater margin. The solutions are already used by a number of large construction companies and results they have achieved so far indicate conversion of sales from 60 up to 90 percent. The software can also be used remotely therefore expanding opportunity of sales that couldn’t previously be accessed.

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