Swiftcomplete | Using AI to generate property listings

Chris Winfield, founder of Swiftcomplete explains how AI geotagging and database searching can speed up the property listing process.

Name of product | Swiftcomplete 

Price | Monthly and yearly subscriptions available, with POA depending on size of business

Target | Online and high street estate agents, letting agents, commercial agents, landlords

Challenge | Location is a huge selling-point for homebuyers and tenants, but it’s time-consuming for estate agents to research and write about every property in detail, and using generic copy-and-paste templates to describe the area doesn’t do the property justice.

We found that online estate agents have a great opportunity to advertise properties from across the whole of the UK, but without a local presence are looking for a PropTech solution to automatically describe a property’s location which may be hundreds of miles from their office.

High street estate agents are also actively looking for software to reduce repetitive manual work and to drive down costs by improving their efficiency.


Swiftcomplete’s AI software automates property listing content, optimised for SEO.

Solution | We used our experience with artificial intelligence and geolocation technology to start Swiftcomplete, and create a solution which can instantly write a property listing by simply entering a postcode. The entire process literally takes a couple of seconds, and automates much of the process of writing a property listing.

Our unique tech scans over 70 datasets, including mapping, addressing and government data to build up an accurate description of any property in the UK. We currently generate content describing the property’s location, local amenities and commuting information (e.g. nearby motorway junctions, stations and airports).

Our development team are adding new data and functionality every week to generate even better listings, as we continue to receive great feedback from our customers.

Results | We’re really excited about the pace of adoption of our new technology. We have a great mix of traditional high street agents and fast-growing online estate agents who use our technology to automate writing their property listings.

Online estate agents have embedded our APIs directly in their sign up form to automate the process of acquiring new customers from anywhere in the UK. We’ve received feedback that our tech helps to build trust and improve conversions, as sellers can see what they will get before they’ve committed to purchase an online property listing.

High street estate agents are also excited about our technology, as it reduces the amount of time that they’re spending writing listings, and allows them to spend more time building relationships face-to-face with customers.

We’re a forward-thinking company and our approach is to ignore the competition and existing solutions, and to instead focus on what can be achieved with the latest technology. We’ve got an ambitious product roadmap, and we’ll be launching several new products over the coming months at our PropTech portal.

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