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Revo 2019: 6 concepts from the exhibition floor

Holographic billboards, customer banking analytics, and mobile monitoring of maintenance staff are all being demonstrated at this year’s annual retail property conference, under way in Liverpool.

PlaceTech took a walk around its exhibition floor to see the technology and products on display.

Group Nexus

Group Nexus

Car park monitoring software seems to be the hot topic at this year’s Revo, with several stands dedicated to offering solutions and products to create data streams for retailers and occupiers.

Group Nexus uses cameras to monitor cars and collect data to better inform the retailer or the shopping centre about its visitors. Group Nexus cameras collect data such as the license plate, the colour, make and age of the car, and extrapolates data which then goes on to inform the retailer’s offer. The technology is currently on 1,200 sites including Tesco stores and large shopping centres.

With an eye even further into the future, Group Nexus monitors electric vehicle parking spaces for improper use. The company predicts its software will ultimately provide either automated warnings or issue fines to people who park their non-EVs in the bays, or charge their cars longer than warranted.

Encore Motions

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The hypervision technology company provides holographic product marketing for shops and shopping centres in a similar vein to billboards.

The products are realised in 3D holograms, which are spun to give a 360 degree view of the item, and is managed through Encore Motions’ platform which then schedules media campaigns for the client.

Retail Report

Screenshot 2019 09 18 At 11.06.28

The web portal is a data aggregator providing information for shopping centres collected from multiple streams. This includes footfall, car parking use, shop-specific website data, all presented on a dashboard for retailers to access in one place.

Retail Report is currently in the pilot phase for separate product called Ultra HR, which again aggregates employee data such as clocking in, sick days, holidays, calendars. Ultra HR is set to launch in January 2020.

Barclays Marketing Customer Insights


Around 20% of transactions in the UK are performed through Barclays Bank, and so the company thought that they could use the big data collected to provide insights.

Marketing Customer Insights anonymises the data it collects and feeds it back to the clients. It also aids with providing analytics regarding tenancy mix, where else customers shop, to provide shopping centre planners with information to tailor their offer.

Over C

Over C

This paperless property management and service checking software gives cleaners and other maintenance staff the ability to prove that their tasks have been performed by tapping their phone or ID onto sensors around the building.

The real time management is based on CAD 3D images of a building, taken from plans, and allows people to monitor where others are in the building, what they’re doing, and their current work load.

Hoxton Analytics


Low cameras that track the literal footfall of customers in shopping centres provides demographic insights and analyses them on behalf of shopping centres and markets across the world. Because the cameras are only pointed at people’s feet, it means that it is GDPR compliant.

The data is monitored daily by checking 10 minutes of footage for every camera to check for errors. This, a representative of Hoxton Analytics said, is its major USP.

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