Showcase | Optimising listings with AI uses specialised image recognition to tag features and settings in online images. Andreea Petre, marketing assistant at, explains how the solution can result in higher SEO rankings for property listings, improved user experience and increased revenue.

Price Our pricing structure is based on the usage of our solutions via the API (application programming interface). Therefore, we charge per image processed per month per solution (less than half a penny per image), as well as the desired level of platform services and features. We use a tiered model where the unit price of additional requests decreases with every tier.

Target Our main market is in the US but we’re expanding in Europe and Asia as well. Anyone working in real estate can use our solutions: from residential real estate agents and agencies to brokerages and multiple listing services. However, at the time being our main target are portals, as we can process their high image volumes and provide solutions for further opportunities. We also help them with tasks deemed impossible without the use of a scalable and automatable technology.

Challenge Real estate listings require a significant amount of manual labour to process through the thousands or millions of images uploaded daily. Users often upload images that are bad quality (too dark, pixelated, or unclear), irrelevant to a listing or containing inappropriate materials (not safe for work content, facial features, license plates), or images with third party logos & watermarks attached. This in turn leads to serious issues with content moderation, unapproved logos & watermarks, bad SEO practices, and visual clutter.

Additionally, users are not spending the time to tag and categorise the images appropriately. Because most agents do not have the manpower and time to do that either, these actions lead to one of the most relevant assets, the images, being used inefficiently.

Solution | was designed and developed on machine learning algorithms and is comprised of neural networks, specially trained to solve problems and deliver results relevant to the real estate industry. The solution lies in how the AI is focused on delivering tags, categories, and other results with keywords specific to real estate contexts.

For example, our AI will tag, detect, and classify images based on real estate keywords:

  • Room Types, such as bedroom or kitchen
  • Home features, such as hardwood floor or high ceiling, and
  • Exterior house styles, such as Victorian or Contemporary

Additionally, our content moderation tool helps detect and categorise sensitive, unwanted, or irrelevant content in real estate images.

Result By using our efficient image recognition technology, agents and portals can:

  • ensure they comply with the industry standards regarding content moderation
  • measure how users interact with images and optimise the data for better conversion results
  • declutter the visual and improve the online user experience
  • charge for or get rid of third party logos & watermarks
  • and better optimize their SEO.

Clients | Our clients are real estate agencies such as, TLCEngine’s MLSOk, and real estate software Apimo.

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