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Propster | Pi Labs showed us our own potential

For three months we had the opportunity to meet virtually with a variety of experienced executives, mentors, investors, potential customers and like-minded entrepreneurs. This helped us develop various aspects of our business and really moved our product, our solution and us as entrepreneurs forward. Furthermore, the Accelerator showed that the product is not only in demand in Europe, but has the potential to be used worldwide.

Through and since the Pi Labs Accelerator we have talked to 36 mentors, mostly investors, entrepreneurs and experts, we have been introduced to more than 20 potential customers and participated in over 50 workshops.

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Propster is a configuration platform interacting between consumers and developers

With this insight, an expanded network and a strengthened conviction to make PROPSTER one of the first European proptech unicorns, we are now getting to work.

First, however, the young company has to manoeuvre through the economic challenges of the Covid-19 crisis. In order to do so, we have recently closed a financing round and adapted our marketing, recruiting and acquisition activities to the new circumstances.

It can be said that the signs are currently pointing to an easing of the situation, which is why we are cautiously optimistic about the future and plan our activities accordingly. The focus is on expanding market share in the DACH-Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and the first pilot projects in the UK. This will be a bit easier after participating in the Pi Labs Accelerator and we are currently preparing the UK team for our next steps in this new market. The official UK launch is scheduled for January 2021 and until then it is not only a matter of handling the pilot projects but also of preparing the UK to become a core market. Covid-19 and Brexit or not, the UK is for us the springboard to position PROPSTER globally to attract new customers and investors, as the past months have confirmed.

In order to be successful in the UK right from the start, we are currently looking for a PR agency, new employees and suitable consultants. This is where the network of Pi Labs comes into play, which we were able to build up in the course of the Accelerator. Our configuration and collaboration platform is currently being used in over 180 projects by 80 customers. By the end of 2021, we would like to support about 200 active customers, of which about 20 are to be from the UK. An office in London is also planned to fully exploit our potential in the next five years and make a major contribution to the digitalisation of the real estate industry.

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