Plume air quality forecast London

Plume Labs offers live view of air quality in 100 cities

Maps from the French air quality information company allow users to track air pollution in real-time for every street in your city, with more than 100 major urban centres across the US and Europe now live.

“Air pollution is complicated and can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make clean air approachable so you can take action” says Romain Lacombe, Plume Labs founder and CEO.

“With our maps you can now see how pollution changes in real-time, in your street, on your route to work, and across your whole city.”

Plume Labs claims the new mapping system is up to 100 times more precise than traditional air pollution maps, capturing variations in air quality down to a resolution of 10 metres.

Plume Air Quality Forecast Los Angeles

Plume Labs’ new mapping platform is a major step towards developing the pollution monitoring network of the future. This milestone has laid the foundation for integrating data from thousands of people-powered mobile sensors around the world in the near future.

The data science team at Plume Labs developed the advanced machine learning methods that make these maps possible. The mapping system applies these proprietary techniques to data sets collected from a broad spectrum of sources, from government reference stations to satellite feeds, weather and land patterns or traffic data.

An integral part of Plume Labs’ approach to fighting air pollution is using beautiful design to bring the data to life, from their Red Dot award winning Flow personal pollution sensor to this latest launch.

“We designed these new maps to be beautiful and informative.” says Alexis Boyer, lead designer at Plume Labs. “Compelling design leads to conversations and engagement. We want people to interact with the information, to discuss and share it, so together we can tackle the air pollution crisis.”

The fight against air pollution and climate change is the challenge of our generation. The more people taking up the cause, the better.

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