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PlaceTech Prize: Catch-up with previous winner LandInsight

Franki Chaffin-Edwards, content manager at LandInsight, spoke about its new developments, goals for 2019 and beyond, and why people should apply for this year’s PlaceTech Prize.

What developments have you had since winning the PlaceTech Prize in 2018?

It’s been an incredibly busy year for us. We’ve had to substantially grow our team from 30 to almost 60 members of staff across all departments, and this is set to rise even further by the end of the year.

The main thing that we’ve launched is our second product called LandEnhance which is specifically targeted at planners. One of the things that helped with the development of the product was OCR, Optical Character Recognition, which has the ability to transform any static PDF document into one that is searchable by key words. You can also add filters to help you find the relevant documents in a matter of seconds as opposed to days.

We’ve also had LandInsight officially ISO certified, which means that we meet the international standard for a quality management system. It attributes the highest information security standards to your business, and we’re the only UK site sourcing programme to have it.

We’ve also run numerous webinars and LandAcademy events, which are essentially a chance for developers and other property professionals to see the LandInsight platform in action.

Another thing we’ve focussed on is customer success, which is a little different to customer support in the way that it tries to ensure our customers happiness. Our customer satisfaction, or Net Promoter Score (NPS), currently stands at 96% which puts us in the top 5% of all companies according to the statistics.

How did the PlaceTech Prize help with these developments?

The prize helped us build a positive reputation in the proptech industry, which ultimately helped with our mass recruitment. When you aim to hire somebody, having a prize makes you look like a much more compelling company to work for.

It’s also been great for team morale as it makes everyone feel like their hard work has paid off. By being acknowledged externally, it allows you to show off your prowess in the sector and know you’re going in the right direction.

Even the process of putting in an application makes you think about what you’ve been up to and what you’ve achieved.

What are your end goals for 2019 and beyond?

By the end of 2019 we’re going to be moving office from WeWork’s London office in Devonshire Square into a new location which will have at least 90-100 people capacity. The team are currently looking at options.

We’re also hoping to potentially double our amount of team members again in a further 12 months so we’ll need the extra space.

We’re also working on further products to help alleviate other pain points in the industry, like how to simply the funding process.

We’ll also be developing more Land Academy events and branching them out across the country so we can speak to more people in different regions. We want to be a connector of people and doing more events like this will help us achieve this goal.

If there could be a tech advancement that would aid your company, what would it be?

It’s not necessarily tech, but the main thing for us is availability and quality of open data. Access to data at the moment can still be difficult as some files are still inaccessible, such as still in a hard copy format, while in other cases it’s in collections of Excel spreadsheets that are not publicly available and not properly sorted so it can’t be analysed.

The deadline for entries for the PlaceTech Prize is Friday 26 July 2019. Find the full details and entry forms here.

PlaceTech Prize is a competition seeking to award the most innovative business or project in proptech for 2019. It is open to businesses of all levels and sizes that are active in the UK property market, including startups, established businesses, buildings, applications of technology, digital transformations or new innovations.

PlaceTech Startup Prize will be awarded to the most promising business or project launched since January 2016.

Two winners will be announced at PlaceTech Big Night Out in London on 28 November 2019, tickets are available here.

PlaceTech Prize is delivered in association with Mills & Reeve and Node.

Entry is free.

PlaceTech Big Night Out

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