Meet Ori, robotic furniture solution for compact living

It’s a problem facing many developers: how to tackle the housing shortage, while providing affordable, flexible and modern homes.

Ori Systems may have the answer. Its ingenious three-in-one robotic furniture is designed to make the most of studio living – and it looks pretty cool, too.

With the tagline: “one room, a hundred ways”, Ori is a built-in bed, storage and desk system. The name is short for ‘origami’ and like its Japanese paper art inspiration, this furniture folds and moves its arrangement in different ways, designed to cater to residents’ needs.

After a successful pilot across 10 cities in America, Ori has confirmed its product is now available for commercial developers, though currently only to those in Boston, Washington DC, and New York.

Ori Systems Flexible Robotic Living Space

Ori’s space-saving solution in Lounge Mode

How does Ori work?

There are three ways to operate Ori’s features. Users can manually control the system using the on-device Ori Square, which can be operated via hand signals or pressing the buttons. Ori can also be connected to WiFi and operated via smartphone, or even via voice command through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Users can ask: “Hey Alexa, tell Ori to set up my bed” and, like magic, the furniture will arrange itself into Bed Mode.

But this isn’t Hogwarts: Ori’s clever furniture manoeuvres and transforms itself thanks to robotics technology. Its creators have been working for two years to fine-tune the mechanisms and digital controls that operate the structure.

Ori Control Interface

Ori Square can be operated via hand signals, or alternatively users can operate with Alexa

After the pilot, Ori’s developers have created a manual mode that allows people to move their furniture systems in the event of a power outage, so there is no risk of being stuck without a bed for the night.

The all-in-one furniture structure arrives flat packed and works by connecting to a conventional electrical socket, which means installation disruption is minimal. However, the robotic movement requires a wooden or vinyl floor and will not work on carpet.

Ori is currently only available to developers, meaning individuals cannot yet purchase the robotic furniture for their own homes. Each unit is priced at $10,000.

Interested users from outside of the US can register to pre-order Ori here.

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