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Meet 5 Nordic innovators changing real estate

Although it may be getting cold in the Nordics right now, the tech scene is certainly on fire and blazing through the real estate industry. We’ve already written about the likes of Exquance, GBuilder, BuildSafe and Disruptive Technologies, however as we continue on our adventure to discover proptech scenes across the world, we’ve compiled a list of more Nordic innovators that you need to know about.


SP8CES is a different take on coworking. The Danish company, founded in 2017, transforms areas of hotels and restaurants that have spare capacity, into work clubs for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and employees in small or large organisations. Guests are welcomed by service managers to exclusive areas with internet and outlets, as well as free coffee, tea and water. Users currently have access to 18 locations across Denmark, Oslo and Copenhagen, which can be viewed and checked in at on the SP8CES app. Memberships provide unlimited visits at the cost of 119kr per month (£14).

Sp8ces BOB

Bob’s bistro is located in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen and provides discounts on food for SP8CES’ ‘nomads’


Born in 2012, Swedish company Spotscale turns drone imagery into 3D buildings. The cloud platform uses reconstruction algorithms tailored for buildings and urban environments to create realistic 3D models for planning, inspection and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality applications. The models are fully interactive and can be used in CAD applications – click here to have a go.


Founded only back in 2016, Leanheat already provides it’s AI-powered IoT heating solution to over 80,000 apartments in Finland. Fully automated and self-learning, Leanheat provides real-time optimisation for individual buildings and entire clusters of apartment buildings. Climate sensors are installed into apartments, artificial intelligence then learns how to heat efficiently adjusting to changes in the weather and building, and constantly monitors for any issues. This results in a lower carbon footprint, more efficient HVAC systems and saves money for both building owners and residents.


Leanheat creates up to 30% savings in technical maintenance costs for buildings by providing accurate predictive problem detection

We’ve all seen the plans for autonomous vehicles and lorries, which have the potential to change our urban landscape, but what about our inside mobility? Meet, a Norwegian company backed by Innovation Norway, which has reinvented the wheel and given it artificial intelligence. Supported by indoor navigation, the app and voice activation, the wheels can be used to move essentially anything in any direction, whether that’s furniture in elderly peoples’ homes, full-sized walls, pallets in warehouses or medical equipment in hospitals.


Designing building sites is becoming increasingly more complex.  Architects need to consider a variety of variables and to test all of these solutions is humanly impossible. Norwegian company, Spacemaker, has created a cloud-based artificial intelligence which imitates the making of these choices and generates billions of different site proposals. The tech sorts out the best proposals, visualises them in 3D and provides analytics explaining the diverse properties of the best proposals.

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Register now for our Trend Talk Nordics in Stockholm on 29 January. You’ll hear from Magnus Svantegård of Datscha, Stronghold Invest and Nordic PropTech Initiative, Doug Ward, co-founder of Node, Charlie Wade, UK MD of VTS, Tom Renn of developer Bruntwood and Manchester Science Partnerships, Joyeeta Das of Gyana and more.

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