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Klevio One | Smartphone intercom

As the world becomes increasingly digital, using a traditional lock and key system feels outdated, Aleš Špetič, CEO of Klevio, explains how a smartphone key system could be the answer, without needing to replace the locks.

Name of product | Klevio One

Price | For a home setup, users must have one of two home control units, Klevio WiFi: This connects to your home intercom if you have one, £249, or Klevio WiFi + 4G: For Peace of mind, we recommend having WiFi+4G so you have a backup network, £299 (Requires minimum 2-month subscription for £5/month)

And one of the following setups depending on the type of building you live in:

  • House: Single door, no existing intercom, £150 installation
  • Flat: One door + communal door (fits to existing intercom system) £250 installation

Target | Property management (commercial and residential), landlords (managed and private), architects, building firms, homeowners, office managers.

Challenge | Keys were invented thousands of years ago, and having a piece of metal sitting in your pocket today feels odd. Now imagine managing thousands of keys for lots of properties, the logistics are complicated and it’s a time sink. There are large benefits for businesses and homeowners alike to move to a digital solution. Besides, opening a door with your phone while you’re miles away from your door is magical and can have a huge impact on your lifestyle.

Klevio App And Device (1)

Solution | Klevio One is a smart intercom that lets you open doors and share digital keys using your phone, from anywhere. The company is using smart technology to digitise access to homes and offices, and helps users improve their lifestyle with saved time and limited stress.

Rather than replacing your lock and keys, Klevio One connects to an existing intercom system inside a home and is operated via an iOS or Android app.Where most of the competitors in this space will go ‘full tech’ with a whole new system, Klevio can be fitted without changing the existing locks. Klevio works with multiple doors and there’s no need to modify the communal area of apartment buildings when installing it, since the device is fixed inside flats.

The app connects to the smart intercom, allowing users to open their private and communal doors remotely with a swipe and press of a button.

Results | With Klevio, users can also share and revoke digital keys instantly, a feature that comes in handy whenever someone needs access to a home when the owner is not present, or to let in an Airbnb guest or a contractor.

A smart-lock option which, unlike many competitors, does not involve replacing the current locks, Klevio works in conjunction with what is already at home. A Klevio user never has to run across town to let anyone in, they can manage access rights on the go from wherever they are.

Worrying about having keys, wallet and watch are a thing of the past. The only thing anyone needs in our on the go lifestyles now is, a smartphone. With smart-wallets on our phones, and solutions like Klevio, we can leave the two most compromisable devices people carry, in the safety of our own homes – keys and bank cards.

Clients | Businesses using Klevio include pubs, Airbnb hosts, and the Urang property management group.

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Very big fan of keeping the original locks, a lot of people are not ready to go full tech/smarthome so a half way point that still offers all the functionality is tidy.

By Anonymous

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