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HqO launches building population features

HqO, the end-to-end operating system for commercial office buildings, announced that it has extended the capabilities of its tenant experience technology to help commercial real estate owners facilitate a safe return to work amidst the global pandemic through two new features within its app.

All HqO clients now have access to Capacity Manager, a management system for office capacity that ensures a safe work environment for tenants and their employees as they enter the “new normal.” They also have access to the Building Population Report, which centralises key tenant and operational data into one place so owners and property teams can operate their buildings effectively, reduce churn, and maintain a profitable portfolio. Both features, which provide important data on tenant and employee engagement, can also assist with contact-tracing needs among growing Covid-19 concerns.

“Due to the pandemic, more and more tenant companies are seeking solutions to head back into the office safely,” said Chase Garbarino, co-founder and CEO of HqO. “Property owners have become both morally and legally responsible for changing building regulations that ensure tenant safety, causing a lot of anxiety and the need to reevaluate physical closeness in the workplace. Capacity Manager and the Building Population Report, along with the other components of the HqOS operating system, help tenants and their employees take a critical first steps towards improving building occupancy.”

These enhancements are designed to easily manage and understand the employees that come to the office on a given day, at a time where office owners are challenged with complying with stringent and evolving health procedures. Capacity Manager gives employees the ability to request time in the office, while giving management the ability to screen these requests. As users request access to their buildings, they are prompted to provide additional information on their department, the reason for the request, and the priority of the request to ensure each tenant company is maximising the value of their limited capacity while ensuring contact tracing. The Building Population Report takes this a step further by analysing tenant behavioral data to give owners actionable insights on how to operate their properties. The report places key tenant data points such as suite, occupied sq. ft., and sector alongside tenant engagement and activation data to create a holistic picture of how tenants use their buildings. It also helps owners and property teams optimise how they spend their time, improve tenant retention, and create a stronger connection with tenants and their employees.

“As companies look to return to work, employee safety is the most important concern,” said Kevin McGowan, Vice President of Product at HqO. “Our team designed these features to allow companies to execute on their return-to-work plans in a controlled and safe manner. They empower companies and employees to effectively balance safety and work requirements, according to each individual’s comfort level.”

Other key capabilities of Capacity Manager include an alert system that will notify tenants if an in-office employee tests positive for COVID-19, alongside an outline of building safety terms and conditions to educate tenants on potential symptoms. Coupled with the Building Population Report’s ability to give property owners a better understanding of their tenants through “connection scores” that grow the more tenants interact with their building, both features ensure an informed and safe work environment for returning employees.

HqO is headquartered in Boston, with offices in New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, and Paris.

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