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How FM giant Wisag used askporter to cut one-in-four visits  

Wisag, a leading European FM provider with over 50,000 employees operating across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Poland, serves 5,000 customers with supervisors making 60,000 visits annually. With each visit taking an average of two hours including travel to and from each site, Wisag management no longer saw this as being an efficient way of supporting smaller clients. Wisag worked with askporter to find a solution.

Wisag x askporter at a glance

  • Saved €200,000/year on site visits
  • Improved customer experience with proactive call-out
  • Multinational app works in different languages
  • Rolling to 500 assets following pilot success


  • Capture better data for real-time business insights
  • Reduce supervisor visits and operational cost
  • Improve visibility for all stakeholders
  • Deliver a better quality service for clients
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Ability for cleaning staff to autonomously order additional cleaning products and supplies while on-site
  • Provide their clients with new ways to interact with Wisag and make it faster for clients to provide feedback on quality of cleaning services


  • The transition from a traditional reporting and ordering process is understandably a difficult decision to make
  • Cleaning staff have a multilingual background, and are not overly technologically literate
  • Cleaning staff are typically contractors and there is high turnover, which means the platform could not require users to log in
  • Introducing innovation and automation creates initial concern, and requires a heavy hand-holding approach for both clients and staff


A custom white-label platform was deployed for Wisag’s cleaning division, launched across selected pilot assets.

  • QR codes were deployed across selected assets linked to guest conversation flows that didn’t require login
  • Conversations were deployed in multiple languages to make it easy for cleaning staff to interact, update and log
  • Staff can communicate with the assistant via voice or webchat to check in and out, raising issues, ordering supplies while on site and tracking their work, enabling optional checklists and media uploads
  • Task management, task assignment and email notification automation was configured on the platform for supervisors to ensure quality service provision
  • Integration with existing FM system through APIs to raise any issues


Week one

Askporter customer success and engineering teams worked closely and quickly to evaluate key processes and begin to map these into automation flows.

Week two

App team planned, proposed and signed off a target solution that prioritised and addressed requirements, working closely with both clients and cleaning staff to better understand how the current service provision was – and was not – working.

Week three

Configured the platform, including making the required modifications to the AI assistant and presented a working solution ready for pilot. Provided trainer guidance for the relevant teams and staff members, keeping all stakeholders updated on progress and timeframes.

Throughout pilot

Working with Wisag, askporter prepared a two-stage roll-out, across a selection of pilot assets to evaluate how the cleaning staff would adapt to the new requirements. It became clear that the solution delivered on the KPIs established at the beginning of the project, and Wisag is now in the process of scaling the solution across 500 more assets.


  • Automated 1000+ check-ins and now scaling to an expected 30K monthly tasks
  • Supervisor visits reduced by 30% saving an estimated €200,000-plus annually
  • Improved visibility for all clients and managers, with ability to filter activity by asset and responsibility
  • Provide clients with new ways to interact with Wisag, making it faster for clients to provide feedback on quality of cleaning services
  • Ability for cleaning staff to order additional cleaning products and supplies whilst on-site
  • Real-time business data and insights dashboard

User feedback

Till Eichenauer WisagTill Eichenauer is responsible for driving digital transformation in Wisag Facility Service. He said: “Our customers rightly expect high quality services from us. Problems in distributed operations usually only become apparent when customers complain.

“Through the cleaning app, we offer our customers the possibility to contact us at any time and the check-in of our cleaners creates process transparency and reveals problems that can be solved proactively before our customers have to react. Our goal is to offer the solution to all our customers in the SME segment in 2022 and thus reduce the administrative effort of our account managers by 25% with increased transparency and much better communication.”

Why select askporter?

  • Ability to support multiple languages, meaning conversations can be held natively in German, English and other commonly spoken languages
  • The high level of configurability of the askporter platform enables the platform to flexibly accommodate any asset type, such as passenger trains, high street retail units, stadiums, corporate offices and holiday parks
  • Sophisticated role based and ‘guest access’ to the assistant, and enables native QR code management for real world asset linking
  • Scope to add greater functionality into the assistant conversation rapidly as additional requirements arise
  • A wealth of experience managing workflows for facilities which adds instant value
  • Configurable automations to set custom alerts and assignment rules
  • Connectivity to existing systems with an open API


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