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How employee surveys can improve your workplace

A poorly delivered workplace can have a negative impact on employees. Chris Moriartymanaging director of Leesman, takes a look at the latest workplace efficiency technology.

PRODUCT | The Leesman survey 

PRICE | Benchmarking starts at £10,250 

TARGET | Employers and facility managers

BROWSE | Leesman

CHALLENGE | Based on the evaluation results from more than 250,000 employees across 2,200+ workplaces in 67 countries, our recently published ‘The Next 250k’ report looks at how a poorly delivered workplace can have a negative impact on employees, inhibiting their ability to perform. The data reveals a shocking level of dissatisfaction among the workforce. While employers continue to face economic uncertainty, many of their employees are having to endure workplaces that fail to support their basic working day. The data reveals that for over 1.3m UK workers, the office is simply not fit for purpose.

SOLUTION | In 2010, Leesman set out with a singular objective – to examine at a depth and consistency never before attempted exactly how corporate workplaces support employees and organisational performance. We believe that once the relationship between organisation and space is truly understood, the industry can move to organisations seeing workplace and real estate as a tool in competitive advantage.

The Leesman benchmarking tool facilitates direct engagement with end users that can, in turn, allow organisations to create workplaces with effective real estate and technical infrastructures and resources that support a workforce’s needs. This data gives facility managers and property professionals the evidence they need to justify budgets and strategic decisions.  

Employees are provided with a link to the standard Leesman Office Survey. These results are collected in the Leesman Index and used to provide organisations with satisfaction levels against key parts of the office environment which are benchmarked against more than 300k responses from around the world. 

Once provided with key organisation and firmographic data, the Leesman team create a unique link which is distributed by client organisations to their teams. Open for about two weeks, or more if required, responses are captured on Leesman’s servers. After the close of the survey organisations can access their data online and receive a headline report with benchmarked data.

Employees provide the organisations responses and the rest is collected, aggregated anonymously, from clients around the world. Leesman works with public/private, small/large, domestic/global companies and the client list includes: AstraZeneca, BT, Channel 4, Department of Health, Expedia, Goldman Sachs, Heineken, IBM, Jaguar Land Rover, KPMG, LinkedIn, Marks + Spencer, PwC, Red Bull, Standard Chartered Bank, Unilever, Volvo and Wellcome Trust, among others.

OUTCOMES | Leesman exists to facilitate a dialogue between the employees, their employers and their suppliers in the corporate real estate industry and has worked with leading global organisations as part of major capital projects, on estate-wide baseline evaluations and ongoing health checks of property performance.  

 The Leesman+ portfolio, representing 65 buildings, offers a powerful research tool. The accreditation recognises exceptional performance in workplace design, delivery, management and operational effectiveness. Data freely available reveals how Leesman+ differences drive high performance workplaces. This acts as an important research pool from which the real estate industry can learn how to enhance the employee experience, make more informed business decisions faster and demonstrate the value of the workplace.  

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Couldn’t anyone just run a survey of their staff themselves?

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