GitHub’s remote-first team plugs into on-demand office provider Desana 

Fast-growing flexible workspace startup Desana has signed the world’s largest software development platform to provide its 3,000-strong team access to coworking offices around the world.

Employees of GitHub, part of Microsoft, are spread over 15 countries and regions worldwide, including all 50 US states. They can now choose to work and collaborate outside the home or office in any of the listed spaces on the Desana database to self-determine where they work best on a daily or even hourly basis.

UK-founded workspace platform Desana enables companies to provide employees access to thousands of flexible workspaces whenever and wherever they need it, with its network spanning 200 cities in 60 countries. Employers can effectively manage the varied working needs of a globally distributed workforce using a single platform.

When Desana partners with a workspace, it organises an hourly rate for the use of the space, and translates that rate into a number of credits. This ensures that Desana always pays workspaces in line with their pricing, making the partnership commercially viable for them long term. Companies that use Desana pre-pay for a number of credits. When workspace is booked by staff, the amount of time booked correlates to a number of credits, and the workspaces are paid by Desana for all of the use of their space at the end of each month. This gives staff the autonomy to use workspace anywhere in the world, and only ever pay for what they use rather than paying for individual memberships that may or may not be utilised by staff.

Desana has enjoyed eight-times growth in global use in the last 12 months. Revenue has grown by over 10 times, and booked 10 years’ worth of time in workspaces since January. Desana has now paid out workspace providers multiple millions of dollars in on-demand bookings. Desana’s customers include other software giants, such as Microsoft, AMS and Elastic. The company closed a $4m seed funding round last year and is due to complete Series A funding later this year.

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Avril Eklund, senior director of workplace experience at GitHub, a cloud hosting service for software developers founded in 2008 and now with 83 million users, said: “The future of work is more than redesigning your office, or allowing your employees to permanently work from home. For the first time, proximity to your company’s real estate doesn’t have to be a factor for where you choose to work or live. At GitHub, we’ve been remote-first since our founding almost 15 years ago. Our partnership with Desana allows us to extend our commitment to workforce flexibility and meet our employees where they are so that they can do the best work possible.”

Alex Kelly, GitHub employee and Desana user, shared: “Using Desana has been a fantastic quality of life improvement for me at GitHub. I can now book a space to collaborate with colleagues, pick a location to be closer to an appointment, or even just switch up where I’m working to get a new perspective. The centralised platform is smooth and straightforward, with spacious and modern spaces I can select depending on what I need. Work fits arounds my life, not the other way around, and it’s empowering to be able to decide what is going to help me deliver the best work on any given day.”

Michael Cockburn, founder and CEO of Desana, commented: “We’re super-excited to be working with GitHub at this global scale. The world is transitioning to decentralised models for hiring, something GitHub has been doing for years. For us to be able to work with a company at the forefront of this movement, and to be the product that’s facilitating the evolution of their workplace strategy to meet more of their distributed team’s needs is a great honour for us and is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.”

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