GBuilder | Digitalising the homebuyer journey with BIM

Active in the UK market, the Finnish company aims to provide an all-in-one solution to manage homebuyers’ customer journeys and streamline building processes.

Name of product | GBuilder

Price | Starts from £9.90 per unit per month

Target | Developers and construction workers for off-plan projects

Challenge | In 2012, Harri Majala, CEO of GBuilder, who at the time had been a CEO of a construction company for 15 years, realised that there was a gap in the market when it came to communication and management between the construction industry and homebuyers.

A large amount of time was spent on tasks that could have been easily automated, human-error naturally led to mistakes being made when organising materials and communicating with customers was time-consuming and disjointed.

Harri saw that there was a variety of products outside the construction industry that would solve some of these issues but most only affected a small part of the customer journey. Harri believed he could create something unique and that’s when the idea for GBuilder was born.

Solution | GBuilder is a BIM-based software which digitalises the homebuyer’s customer journey from the first contact to sales, material optionality and home configuration, the building process and after-sales period.

The software offers users a web-based visual interface as well as 3D Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality models of each unit with dynamic materials, meaning that the customer can change their property whilst viewing it.

GBuilder Dynamic Design Studio

The design studio allows buyers to compare the different material options and confirm choices with one click, as well as provide builders the opportunity to upsell with more premium packages.

Construction companies can also integrate the virtual spaces with drone shots so that customers can gain an understanding of what their view will be like once their apartment is complete.

GBuilder also has an automatic reporting option for construction workers to organise and analyse tasks such as purchase orders and updates on subcontractors. This helps decrease the amount of time spent on manual, repetitive tasks.

GBuilder Report

A report summarising all the materials required for an apartment

The software also allows workers to send messages and save pictures and videos of the building process. These can then be shared immediately by social media or email to homebuyers, the construction company and other stakeholders allowing them to follow the progress of the work and maintain a high level of customer service.

Once the build is complete, homebuyers can report any errors that they have found when moving in and the builder can then assign them to be fixed.

Results | Users have reported up to 90% more sales of upgrade materials and extra work and have saved up to 75% more time when it comes to material management.

Clients | The software is currently being used in around 100 projects with over 5000 units. Clients include Skanska, YIT, Bonava, Lehto, Peab, Hartela, Maxbuild, Sonell, Temotek, Westpro, Eke, NCC.

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