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Bright Spaces | What we did after Pi Labs accelerator

Two months ago, we presented a demo of our 3D showcasing solution for the first time for an audience of hundreds of people. This was Pi Labs Demo Day 2020, the final event that marked our intense journey in the acceleration programme.

Demo Day had an awesome audience: from fellow proptech founders to real estate professionals and startup investors. This experience helped us better understand the office industry and improve our digital showcasing interactive solution.

Since then, we’ve put to work all the lessons we learnt during this unique and intense programme and invested time and resources in further developing Bright Spaces. We reached new milestones in our journey of becoming one of the most important digital showcasing solutions for office spaces and this is just the beginning for us.

We’ve built Bright Spaces to help landlords save time, money and to help implement the new physical distancing measures – given the current context, the number of offline visits has dropped, so an online solution is essential.

In order to help tenants, landlords and agents better understand how we can help them lease or rent spaces safer and faster.

Bright Spaces – 3D Web Visualisation of Available Office Spaces from Bright Spaces on Vimeo.

As you can see, the demo takes you through all the features of the platform – 3D renderings, virtual tours, real time availability, layout options, requesting offers and visit scheduling features integrated with CRM.

What’s not visible but still included, is that the platform also maps the main characteristics of the buildings – Employee Wellbeing Indicator, Team Productivity Indicator, Total Rental Cost, LEED, WELL standards etc – as well as the main points of interest situated near them such as restaurants, cafes, public transportation means etc and brings a direct connection to the landlord’s CRM for the visit and offer requests.

July marked the launch of our blog, a source of insights, news and interviews with specialists, C-level managers, mentors and professionals in Real Estate and PropTech. Bright Insights is the first and only proptech dedicated content platform in Romania and we created it out of desire to bring the most important trends and perspectives in one place and thus give back to the community.

Bright Spaces Andrei Constantin Co Founder & CTO, Eugen Mihai UX UI 3D, George Marin Developer, Bogdan Nicoară Founder & CEO, Petrică Postolache Developer

From left: Andrei Constantin, co-founder & CTO; Eugen Mihai, UX UI 3D; George Marin, developer, Bogdan Nicoară, founder & CEO; Petrică Postolache, developer

We approach themes such as the future of office space leasing, main recommendations when returning to work, digitisation of office spaces and their change of purpose, solutions and answers to the crisis found by the most important stakeholders in the market.

But this is not the only content we are proud of! We are happy to catch the eye of the media and increase our awareness more and more by being featured in some of the most important publications dedicated to proptech.

Talking about our platform and promoting the necessity of digitising the office real estate industry is one of our drivers is being featured more and contributing with valuable content and insights.

Regarding business development, these past months we went through dozens of meetings with investors and consultants in order to get feedback and reach potential clients. After participating at so many workshops, speakers’ nights and priceless meetings during the accelerator, we wanted to maintain the rhythm and benefit of all the opportunities it brought to us. The power of networks is invaluable and we are grateful for being able to reach so many experienced professionals and investors.

Locally, we prepare the launch of our first implementation for one of the biggest developers in the world. The platform will be up and running in September and we expect it to increase the number of qualified leads for the client. We also signed an agreement with one of the biggest coworking spaces in Romania, part of a global network, for a pilot program that will be implemented in the following weeks. More Landlords with over 1 million square meters under management show interest in implementing Bright Spaces and this gives us confidence that virtual showcasing is here to stay.

Our future plans include continuing negotiations and closing deals with the biggest developers and agents at a local, European and then at a global level. We are also preparing for our next funding round where we will bring closer VCs and Angel Investors from the UK.

Building a global, successful protech solution requires vision, resources and specialised help. Bright Spaces has a strong start and, despite the current global slow-down, we are confident that our solution will prevail as a top virtual showcasing solution all over the globe.

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By Bogdan Nicoară

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