BIM My Project | Combining data with holograms


Nicola Byrne

Headquartered in Paris and founded in 2017, this startup offers mixed reality solutions that take data from BIM.

The concept of BIM, an intelligent 3D model-based process, has existed since the 1970. BIM My Project Connect is taking the method into the future by mixing it with virtual and augmented reality.

BIM My Project

To get a real understanding of the environment, the software scans the walls, the floors and the various objects present and adds holograms, which can be interacted with, to add information.

This is then integrated into a pair of glasses that allows users, when walking around sites, to check and regulate a number of things. Thus enabling better quality and control, in real time, as projects progress.

Watch the full video above to find out more from the founders. The video below shows BMP Connect in use on site.


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