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Big data tool Gyana unveils geolocation upgrade

UK big data platform Gyana has unveiled a new feature aimed at helping firms dig deeper into geolocation insights.

Gyana claims that the tool, named Analysis, helps property professionals to “understand the assets that they are interested in” and “to focus on the metrics that are important to them”.

With the software, users can compare two or more assets that are of the same type or different classes; create configurable timelines; select their own metrics; download insights data; and access graph visualisation of footfall trends.

Based in London, Gyana combines anonymised big data about the movement of people with physical locations to generate insight into consumer patterns, human behaviour, hidden opportunities and financial success.

Customers include Vodafone, the Ministry of Defence, Barclays, NASA, PwC and the University of Oxford.

“The user can select from the assets that they follow, select a date range and the metrics that they would like to compare,” explained Gyana. “It is a very intuitive feature with easy UI that allows for simple and real-time analysis of assets.

“The assets can be compared based on total visits, change in footfall YoY, average dwell time, average daily visitors and more “The insight data can also be configured and downloaded in Excel and CSV formats.”

According to Gyana, the feature complements its wider platform because it lets users configure analysis outfits, but also draw together insights from across the tool.

For example, they can compare the performance of Pubco brands in a single view or compare the performance of a retail store within a shopping centre.

The firm claims that the tool is particularly useful for property and real estate specialists because they can “generate reports”, “use the metrics that help solve the problems” and “get an edge on the market through alternative data that offers an alternative view of the state of play”.

Speaking about why Gyana decided to launch the project, strategy officer Maxim Uslamin told PlaceTech: “We have always felt that it is important to build a tool that gives the user the ability to create the reports that they need.

“Now they have the ability to compare their assets in a single graph for a multitude of different metrics.”

Uslamin said geolocation is an emerging technology that is finding applications in a wide variety of industries.

He explained: “It helps us understand human movement and behaviour in a much clearer and exhaustive way. In our specific case, we provide insights to industries like Real Estate and Financial Services, which were used to business decisions based on gut-feel alone.

“Our tool empowers decision-makers and deleverages risk of their investments. This is probably the first time in history that these industries experience such a disruption.”

Gyana confirmed that it is developing new solutions for office buildings, logistics, investment analysis metrics and industrial property. It’s also gearing up to launch in the US at the end of April and Australia in May.

Meanwhile, Gyana is preparing to launch in the US this month and has added Elie Finegold of New York VC MetaProp to its board.

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