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Avuity unveils its next-gen office sensor

The provider of space utilisation solutions has announced the launch of its newest line of sensors designed to revolutionise the workspace industry with greater accuracy and efficiency.

The new VuAI sensors are capable of detecting not only occupancy and utilisation, but also measuring variations in temperature, light, noise and humidity.

Brad Johnson, CEO of Avuity, said: “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that sets a new standard in the industry, with up to three times the detection area of our previous sensors and twice the battery life. We believe these sensors will be a game-changer for clients who require the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.”

The VuAI sensor is capable of understanding real-time occupancy and utilisation of over 1,000 sq ft when installed on a 9ft ceiling, independently monitoring the utilisation of 20 individual desks with a single sensor, and reporting both active and passive occupancy (often referred to as “signs of life”) all while maintaining a battery life of between four and 10 years. The expanded coverage area will allow for customers to reduce the number of sensors needed by greater than 30%, resulting in materially lower costs related to hardware and installation.

Avuit said its sensors give enterprises a lower cost of entry to get the data they need to make informed decisions on their office space and real estate footprint quickly.

“We didn’t stop at the sensor, we also worked to increase the abilities of our gateways” said Ian Iliff, director of IoT and artificial intelligence at Avuity. “We will be releasing the new gateway in the second quarter, and along with the new VuAI sensors we are confident that this technology will help our customers achieve their goal of optimising their real estate footprint.”

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