Audio-encrypted key technology

While smart locks are not new, Damien Browne, CEO and founder of Standard Access, explains why an audio-encrypted key could offer enhanced levels of safety.

PRODUCT | Standard Access

PRICE |  €500/door and annual audio keys from €25 on a sliding scale depending on number of users

TARGET | Landlords, property managers, and estate agents

CHALLENGE | In the modern connected age, keys remain archaic mechanical devices. Most keys can be duplicated which makes managing access time-consuming and difficult to track. In addition to the economic and administrative cost associated to reissuing keys or changing locks, there are security implications that can have severe consequences for landlords and property managers, as well as for those tenants whose security has been breached. This security can be physical, but increasingly is likely to be related to data or technology.

Many smart-locks have emerged in recent years to tackle this problem, using Bluetooth and NFC, which stands for near field communication, but these smart-locks have huge limitations that are unsuited in a commercial environment e.g. in the case of NFC it is not limited to having the latest greatest smartphone and with Bluetooth it is not having to deal with annoying and time consuming pairing issues.

SOLUTION | Our patent-pending technology uses an encrypted audio key, what we call the Sonic Handshake, via our app on your smartphone to open doors. It is now recognised that our Sonic Handshake and proprietary technology is far more secure, robust and the only truly cross-platform protocol that any smartphone can use.

Standard Access is a cloud-based solution to these everyday challenges of managing enterprise level access to real estate and its users. We have developed both the hardware – smart hub and smart lock – and software – enterprise level platform and app – tools to address the challenges of existing solutions namely security, protocol and power. By creating cloud keys, it allows monetised time restricted access, improves security, allows the client to specify who, how, where, when and for how long a user can have access. It bridges the gap between our physical and digital worlds.

RESULTS | Clients are saving money and time on the administration of access rights, authentication, issuing or revoking keys and are gaining the ability to monetise any unused or newly vacated space instantly. This was built from the ground up to scale to any number of buildings and users.

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