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AskPorter | Using AI for proactive property management

Property management can often be time consuming and frustrating for all stakeholders involved. Tom Shrive, CEO of AskPorter, explains how they are using artificial intelligence to optimise management to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Name of product | AskPorter

Price | The pricing depends on volume and on the skills the client chooses to implement. The skills used are charged monthly with how many active users there are.

Example: Active users = 1,000, 1 skill = £0.25, 1 skill = £0.30
= £0.25 + £0.30 x 1,000 = £550 per month

Target | Commercial, residential managers.

Challenge | AskPorter was created as a direct result of CEO Tom Shrive’s mother, a landlord, no longer wanting to manage properties anymore as it was ‘too much hassle’ and she wanted to move on to other things. Tom looked for a solution to property management and it came up short, he then realised that property management was a huge perception problem.

The issues found were property managers are typically slow to respond to landlords and residents, which is frustrating for all parties. Every single transaction whether it’s arranging a contractor or a general resident query, there’s zero transparency to whether the issues are actually being actioned and solved in a reasonable timeframe.

Solution | AskPorter is an AI communications platform that optimises property and facilities management, enabling you to be more efficient, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

The platform provides a consistent, omni-channel point of communication to all stakeholders, from occupants to contractors. Every interaction is logged, tracked and searchable – at a glance you’re able to see how everything on the platform relates to everything else.

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AI assistant Porter is made intelligent through unlimited, customisable ‘skills’ that enable you to automate conversations and workflows such as lead qualification, inspections and issue reporting. The technology gets progressively smart by learning what residents want – the more interactions, the more efficient it becomes.

The platform can be completely customised to the client’s brand, with skills and actions tailored to suit them.

Results | This combination of automation combined with live person hand over ensures consistently excellent service, whilst reducing costs. AskPorter can work with clients to quickly turn around new custom skills, workflows and integrations.

The AI uses relational data, keyword tagging and sentiment analysis to detect patterns to help you drive efficiencies across your portfolio.


Clients | AskPorter is the dedicated automated issue reporting tool for 500,000 properties with property management company, Adiuvo: 20% of all inbound issue reports are reported through the platform 24/7 with 10,000 inbounds received per month. The estimated cost saving per reported per issue is £5.

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