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Arbn renew | Adoption of renewables made easy

Between February 2016 and March 2018, commercial renewable installations dropped by 87%. Arbnco believes that the biggest reason for this is a lack of understanding from property managers on the range of renewable technologies available and the difficulties of working out the case for adoption. New software created by the company tackles this by evaluating the feasibility of 7 renewable technologies, as outlined by Arbnco, for a specific property.

Arbn Renew

The 7 renewable technologies

Name of product | Arbn renew

Price | £100 per site per technology

Target | Commercial property owners, managers, and energy consultants looking after a portfolio of commercial properties.

Challenge | Over a period of 2 years, installations of renewable energy generation have been declining month on month in commercial properties. This is in part due to a lack of understanding about the feasibility of all renewable options available, due to the considerable time, expertise, and effort required to evaluate them.

Typically, a vendor approaches an organisation offering one specific renewable technology, e.g. solar power, and that is then considered in isolation. This means that, often, organisations do not understand what combination of renewables would be most beneficial for a specific building.

With Arbn renew, the objective is to make the process of understanding the feasibility of all the renewable energy options effortless and almost instantaneous, subsequently making the business case for adoption clearer. The aim is that this will lead to a reverse in the current trend for declining commercial renewable installations, and help the UK meet its carbon emissions targets.

Solution | The solution lies in making it easier for commercial property landlords and consultants to evaluate the feasibility of all renewable options. Arbn renew is a software solution that provides a first stage feasibility study for seven different renewable technologies, based on location, geometry, and consumption of heat and power.

It produces full financial assessments, identifies energy cost and carbon savings, and figures out the optimum combination of renewables to give organisations the best financial return, obviating the need for manual calculations. The software is vendor agnostic, it removes any commercial bias by simply presenting the most appropriate renewable scenarios, and even compares supplier prices.

Arbn Renew Screen Shot 2

Results | Arbn renew helps organisations make better decisions on renewables. It generates a commercial report in minutes, meaning that no time is spent manually working out the business case for adoption. Ultimately, it will result in a reduction in an organisation’s total cost of energy consumption and a reduced carbon footprint.

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Clever idea this. But the real difference would be the gov bringing back the subsidies for renewable tech. Surely the loss of that was the main cause of the huge dip in installations?


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