AR startup unveils wayfinding solution for inside buildings

The race to own the indoor mapping market continues with a new solution unveiled by Augmented Reality startup Dent Reality.

The solution integrates with the map of an indoor space and pinpoints a person’s location, before using AR-projected paths and arrows to direct people around a building.

According to London-based Dent Reality, the software provides pinpoint indoor positioning for a great wayfinding experience and doesn’t require hardware such as Bluetooth beacons.

Dent Reality said it has developed advanced Artificial Intelligence pathfinding features to “help people get where they need to go – whether that’s to reach their gate at the airport via customs or a nearby store via an accessible route”.

Although Dent Reality hasn’t revealed a launch date, it confirmed that the software is built on ARKit and will initially be available on iOS devices.

The firm has also begun working with a range of venues to integrate this technology within their spaces and is looking for organisations to sign up via its website to use the technology.

As part of rollout plans, Dent Reality is providing a software development kit and other services to help organisations integrate these features into their apps and indoor spaces.

Speaking to PlaceTech, Dent Reality founder Andrew Hart said: “In the future, we’ll have a technology-driven connection to physical spaces. In an airport or shopping mall or large office, that means clear wayfinding and suggestions, specific to our needs.

“This is a shift that will occur with the introduction of wearable AR technology. Eventually, it’ll be expected that every major retail space will have these types of integrations. They’ll become hyper-spaces, able to eliminate typical friction points, and enhance your experience of being there.”

As well as pioneering AR wayfinding, Dent reality has also developed the most popular ARKit library on GitHub and won the Product Hunt hackathon for its AR Scavenger Hunt app.

Last week, Pinpoint, a proposed project to build an indoor navigation system of public buildings using Wi-Fi networks and smartphone sensors, was named among the winners of a £1.5m government competition.

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