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All-in-one property management software

Commerical property management has always involved lots of processes and paperwork, which take up time and resources. Richard Kennedy, UK managing director of Re-Leased, explains how property managers can benefit from cloud-based all-in-one software.

PRODUCT | Re-Leased

PRICE | Prices start at £199/month and increase with the size of your business

TARGET | Commercial property managers, accounts departments and asset managers

CHALLENGE | We have reached a point where agencies are increasingly looking to adopt technology to maintain a competitive advantage in the commercial property management industry. The new digital landscape is drastically changing ways businesses operate, and cloud-based software is taking it a notch further by fostering scalability. Basically, without a tech-first approach, businesses are falling behind quickly. In the commercial property management space, it’s no different.

Things like cost savings, automation of workflows, accuracy and business-wide accountability are all things robust commercial property management software should do really well. Running a business with a technology platform is no longer a nice thing to have – it is a must have.

SOLUTION | Historically, commercial property managers have had to run their businesses off spreadsheets and clunky desktop-based software, and it has never seemed to help their businesses grow.

Our software is essentially built around making life easier for property managers and accountants alike, automating repetitive processes, while providing them with all the tools, insights and functions they need to scale. It’s our end users that have inspired our efforts to disrupt the commercial property management industry.

Re-Leased is the hub of a commercial property portfolio. Accounts, lease management, inspections and maintenance, compliance management, tenant communication, document storage and reporting are all in one cloud-based system.

Managing commercial property requires you to stay ahead of hundreds or thousands of critical action items every year including rent reviews, lease expiries, health and safety compliance and property inspections. The smart calendar dashboard automatically populates with all vital property and lease action items, providing full oversight and control in one screen for an individual or a team.

Our integration with Xero has saved over 11,000 hours of administration work, which helps provide our clients with one unified source of data. Forget invoicing and instead automate arrears notices, recurring maintenance and tenant communications, such as emails, all from one place.

OUTCOMES | A good use-case that demonstrates the power of Re-Leased is the impact we have had on Commercial Property Partners. Our client saw a 75% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks, which led to savings in staff, upkeep costs and, of course, time.

As a cloud-based platform, Re-Leased is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and has helped CPP run their business more efficiently and stand out as a brand who embraces modern technology.


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Great information about property management software……..

By Keith Weigand

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