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7 of the best air quality products

For years many of us took indoor environmental quality for granted but now the airborne spreading of the coronavirus has brought the spotlight down on the air around us. Here are some of the companies to check out in this field.

720 Degrees

720 Degrees

From New York via Finland 720° is a cloud-based analytics solution for indoor environmental quality monitoring. Data is collected from a wide array of parameters decided by the customer. These can be material emissions, low humidity, repetitive odors, rapid changes in temperature, differential pressure, amount of carbon dioxide and factors affecting the noise environment.



Trusted by WeWork, CapitaLand, EMAAR and Max Estates, this India-based air quality specialist can retrofit your building with filters, monitor the environment and advise on ventilation and energy use.

Plume Labs Flow Black White

Plume Labs

Builds personal devices, called Flow, pictured, and apps that help you measure your exposure, plan your journeys and activities, improve your home and workplace, and persuade decision makers.

Purple Air

Purple Air

A monitoring solution for home enthusiasts and air quality professionals alike. Using a new generation of laser particle counters to provide real-time measurement of PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10. PurpleAir sensors are easy to install and only require a power outlet and WiFi. They use WiFi to report in real time to the PurpleAir map.

Meersens Application Overview Fr 1


Health smartphone app that allows you to monitor air, water, food wherever you are, whenever you want, for pollutants, allergens and more. Part of the Paris-London wellbeing tech network Impulse Labs.

Enertiv Video


Back-of-house property management partner that installs Internet of Things sensors to monitor air quality and advise on solutions. This New York firm started in 2011 as an energy management adviser. Enertiv partnered with proptech VC Fifth Wall on environmental initiatives and during the pandemic has written useful guides to air quality risks in buildings.



This Geovation accelerator-backed startup helps companies to protect their staff from exposure to poor air quality. Around 150 people died last year in the UK from accidents at work. By contrast, 12,000 died from breathing in harmful airborne substances. Atmo is an experts in air quality and IoT. It empowers site managers to protect staff by producing actionable data and helping companies understand what causes pollution on-site.

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