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5 Italian innovators transforming real estate

Italia, the land of great art, food, culture and… proptech? As we continue on our trek to discover startups across the world, we’ve compiled a list of Italian innovators that you need to know about.


Based in the capital city of Rome, Airgloss designs and manufactures devices aimed at improving air quality, thermal, visual and acoustic comfort in homes, workspaces, schools and even transport.


Airgloss offers 3 different products

The company has developed its own Artificial Intelligence engine which recognises unique patterns that characterise chemical compounds and allows an accurate detection of a broad range of polluting substances.

The sensors used in the devices can be monitored and controlled in real-time from any device with the Airgloss app.

Airgloss Desktop Phone


Founded by architect Nicola Pisani, Colouree is a web platform that acts as a tool for the real estate market by using geo-referred data and urban spatial analysis to provide a deeper understanding of locations and neighbourhoods.

The platform rates built spaces in terms of lifestyle, commutes and business needs which allows users to make more informed decisions. Users can also generate detailed reports of projects that they’re interested in. is a system made exclusively for real estate agents, which provides a DIY solution to create and share 360° virtual tours.

Properties can be captured through’s app with compatible 360° cameras including Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear 260 and more. The tours can then be customised with the logo and colours of the agency on the app and uploaded directly to websites and social media.

Users can also manage the virtual tours on the app and gain an understanding of how successful it has been by the amount of views. Prices start from €29 up to €69.

Walliance is real estate equity crowdfunding platform which has been authorised by the Italian government. It allows potential investors to choose what they’d like to invest in, how much they want to invest and become a property shareholder with others on the platform.


The startup assesses all of the companies that upload projects and provides a variety of information for each project including estimated gross return on investment. Through Walliance’s app and website, users can follow project updates and receive their shares of the profits generated.


Enerbrain is a startup which aims to increase and promote energy efficiency in non-residential buildings through a plug-and-play Internet of Things kit which is suitable for any Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning or HVAC system.

The installation is quick and takes 2 days as it doesn’t require any changes to previous systems and facility managers can monitor results through graphs of analysis and data synthesis which are available on various devices.

Enerbrain creates this information by organising data from the sensors using machine learning algorithms.


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