Xenex LightStrike

5 cleaning tech solutions fighting Covid

Ultraviolet robots, vapour systems and waste analytics are among the tech solutions helping to keep premises safe and healthy.

Xenex LightStrike

Hospitals, hotels and airlines use these ultraviolet light emitting robots to disinfect spaces in a fraction of the time it would take a human cleaner.

Based out of San Antonio, Texas, Xenex’s pulsed, high energy, broad spectrum UV light technology is uniquely lethal to microorganisms – it’s 4300x more intense in peak power than a mercury lamp, a traditional method for cleaning using ozone. Disinfection cycles are fast, allowing you to disinfect a patient room in as little as 10 minutes and surgical suite in 20 minutes or less. A San Diego hospital acquired two robots for $250,000 in the early days of the pandemic.



A managed service using a dry vapour system. The treatment is administered via a dry delivery system that when in use immediately attacks a wide range of targeted pathogens. Using an ultrasonic dry misting system, all surfaces, crevices and undersides are given a protective coating. The treatment is bacteriostatic and immediately penetrates the cell membrane. Working against specific targets the treatment prevents respiration, synthesis and reproduction causing comprehensive damage and cell death, whilst remaining safe to human contact.

Based out of Stockport, UK, LumiBio says its complex arrangement of anti-microbial compounds provides outstanding results, with a 99.999% kill rate on all tested pathogens. The treatment cycle takes place without any need for anyone or anything to vacate the space.

Sensgreen Energy Efficiency Heatmaps


Sensgreen is an Internet of Things company, with bases in Turkey, Singapore and United Arab Emirates, specialised in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) which provides actionable insights via AI powered smart sensors for optimising indoor air quality.

Hasan Tosun, CEO Sensgreen says: “Our AIoT solutions dynamically measure all key parameters and process the pools of big data for each individual space towards actionable insights to maintain an indoor ambient air as per World Health Organisation standards. Two of our key clients are a large shopping mall with 250 shops covering 80,000 sq m lease area, and a global leader in banking. They have both adopted Sensgreen solutions, quickly and easily, to real-time monitor all the key air parameters, hence run their HVAC more efficiently and also minimise the transmission risks for the welfare of their visitors and employees.”

CleanBlast Scan


Ultra Low Volume Fogging, also known as ULV Fogging, is a technique which distributes a superfine mist of insecticide and disinfectant fog into a room or structure quickly, spreading the active ingredient to all areas including small nooks and crevices. London-based Cleanblast uses the fogging process to completely eradicate a bacteria or virus infestation by ensuring that every part of the room is disinfected. ULV Fogging provides total surface sanitisation. Difficult-to-reach places and busy high-traffic areas are thoroughly disinfected to ensure peace of mind. This helps businesses adhere to government guidelines regarding making workplaces Covid-secure.


Cities, waste management companies and property managers are looking for solutions that could help them cope with the current challenges. Standard waste production hotspots have moved, households and residential areas have become the new hot spots. Higher consumption of protective equipment and longer time spent at home has led to a 25% increase in waste production. Sensoneo, from Slovakia, offers Waste Collection Efficiency Analysis to help cities and waste collection companies cope with the worsening waste situation. This system evaluates efficiency of the current set-up, simulates impacts of possible changes, and suggests new collection routes and frequencies. Cities and waste collection companies can see how to improve their waste management and reduce cost and carbon footprint significantly.

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