Australian proptech companies

5 Australian proptech companies you should know about

This month Australia hosted its first Proptech Summit, which examined the impact of technology in the country and beyond.

According to a report by Deloitte, a residential property upswing in Australia has seen strong price inflation of around 47% since 2012. Continued population growth and a predicted increase in commercial construction means Australia’s property market is extremely strong in 2018. It’s no wonder that tech companies are keen to cash in on making the industry more efficient.

Here are 5 Aussie companies that have the potential to shake up the proptech market in the UK.


Equiem Portal

Equiem is one of Australia’s biggest and best known proptech solutions, providing their tenant engagement platform to landlords globally. The Equiem platform connects tenants to facilities and local services, such as dry cleaning, exercise classes, and a marketplace of local businesses. Landlords can then access data through the platform about tenant satisfaction. Its current customer base includes Knight Frank, Adams & Co, and Lendlease. M&G Real Estate also began working with Equiem at their Surrey business park this summer.


Conversely, Simple.Space is one of the newest tech companies in the Australian property sector. This is a platform to help businesses visualise and plan their workspaces to be as efficient and productive as possible. Simple.Space delivers workplace analytics using sensors to provide information such as which spaces are rarely used, and allows businesses to trial team relocating scenarios before a physical upheaval.

Safety Compass

Safety Compass works in the contech space, providing interactive safety information through mobile augmented reality. By accessing the worker’s physical location, the app presents live information on present dangers straight to the worker’s phone. The app uses the phone’s inbuilt camera and GPS system to display real and present dangers to the viewer that adapt to the viewer’s field of vision.


Utillix Underground Utilities App

Utility mapping service Utillix has the motto: ‘less obstruction, more construction’. Utillix obtains the relevant underground utilities maps for a project, and displays them on Google Maps using colour-coded utility identification. Onsite photo and video recording give all providers and workers visibility of utility location and status in real time. This is an Australia-specific product for now. However, Utillitix’s tablet and iPhone integration and real-time updates mean it could be attractive to the UK market, whose current utility mapping offerings lack this innovation.

Fastbrick Robotics

FastBrick Robotics made the headlines back in June with its bricklaying robot. Hadrian X uses ‘dynamic stabilisation technology’ to provide accuracy in building walls, despite weather conditions. FastBrick claims its robot can build a standard-sized house in as little as 2 days. This technology is still in testing, but Hadrian X could be the smart solution to labour shortages.

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